We make innovative solutions of drones light shows for fireworks of the future

Our goal is to tell enchanting stories using drones.
We provide a completely custom solution of control software and drone manufacturing to create a state-of-the-art light show. The light show is realized by the synchronized flight of a group of drones forming breathtaking choreographies. The drones form original formations in the sky, creating an incredible 3D effect.
Light shows using drones have several advantages over traditional fireworks. They do not pollute the air and do not pollute the environment, thanks to their low noise level they are animal-friendly and reduce the likelihood of fires. A show using drones can be made repeatable.
  • Work Description

    Holidays and celebrations

  • Work Description

    Advertising and marketing purposes

  • Work Description

    Concerts and social events

  • Work Description

    Sports and light painting

Complete implementation of the light show

Unique options

In addition to pre-created animation, we can also react to the current situation by changing shapes in real time

Safety first

We always use multiple secure communication channels for data transfer.

Any environment

We will prepare a visualization for you of how the show will look in the environment you choose.

Easily customizable

The light show can be connected with other visual elements.
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A drone designed for light shows

We designed our own drone specifically for light shows. The combination of thoughtful design and chosen technologies in detail supports the creative potential for enchanting light shows and a powerful experience

25 minutes

Our batteries allow you to extend the flight time up to 25 minutes, this provides more than 15 minutes to relay your story in the sky.

7 m/s wind

Thanks to the low weight and high durability of the drone, strong winds up to a speed of 7 m/s are not an obstacle.

16 million

With the ability to display up to 16 million different colors, the light show will amaze not only you, but also light up the eyes of your audience.
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900 lumens LED

Thanks to the powerful RGB diodes, the audience can observe the diverse color show even at great distances.


Our drones support differential positioning systems for precise flight so viewers can enjoy every detail in the sky.

Redundant communication

The drone is equipped with multiple secure communication channels for safe data transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a drone show cost?
It depends on the number of drones, length and number of animations. We will prepare a customized quote for for your show.
Is it possible to fly over people?
The rules don't allow flying over people.
How long can a drone show last?
The entire light show can last around 20 minutes, with drone take-off and landing up to 25 minutes.
Is it possible to do an all-weather show?
It is not possible to fly in rain, fog and very strong winds.
Is it possible to combine a drone show with a musical performance?
Drone flight is very appropriate to combine with other interactive elements such as music or another light show.
How is the safety of the light show ensured?
We follow very strict safety precautions throughout the show, experienced team and management software will ensure the smooth running of the event.
How to get permission for a light show using drones?
We will fully arrange the permit when we agree on a specific date and venue.
Feel free to contact us anytime with questions or requests
Our mission is to make drones swarm reliable and useful.

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